about clinic


We currently offer consultations through our Wednesday clinic sessions. Our role in the consultation is to make tailored recommendations based on each person’s priorities in their own healing journey, including but not limited to narrative exploration, personal rituals, meditation, herbal medicine, energy healing, yoga therapy, acupuncture, massage, and more.

Chrysalis practitioners work within a framework that facilitates self-discovery through spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical self-assessment. The framework is designed to demonstrate opportunities for healing by guiding people to understand patterns and imbalances in the self.

Through the process, we aim to strengthen our healing connection with nature and community.  Within consultations we connect back to nature through cycles, patterns, and rhythms as a model for understanding the nature of life and as inspiration for ways to heal. Beyond clinic, Chrysalis offers community circles, workshops, events, and series to support healing on a collective, community level.