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Reiki Level I Intensive

What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy. We can translate "re" as divine, spirit or wisdom and "ki" as life force , cosmic or universal energy. Together we have an intelligent energy emanating through all living things. When we channel this energy for healing it is known as the modality Reiki, which originated in Japan.

What topics will be covered in Sunday's Level I intensive?

It will be a three part workshop. In the first part we cover the history, philosophy, and ethos of Reiki along with what it is, how it works, and why we might use it. In part two there is a sacred ceremony where you receive an attunement connecting you to the Reiki energy allowing you to access healing energy at any time. In the third part there are activities to experience energy first by opening and having awareness, to connect for understanding and finally, to translate that for guidance. We will then practice using the Reiki energy on plants, crystals, and each other.

How do you, Torie, work with Reiki in your life?

At this point Reiki informs every aspect of my life: when I’m putting my son to sleep at night or when I have challenges at work or in my home. I have struggled with digestion and so I Reiki my food when I eat it, connecting and sending healing to the plant, animal, farmer, and my body. When I fly I Reiki the plane and all the people in it, as well as the fear I feel. All in, I use Reiki to touch, love, and bring faith to places of my life that I can’t reach through my thoughts, feelings, and physical actions alone.

Please contact Torie Cande, prior to registering for this workshop, by emailing

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