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Full Moon Tibetan Tone Sound Healing

Join us for a special Tibetan Tone Sound Healing to celebrate the Full Moon in Libra. The moon’s fullness peaks on Thursday, March 21st but its healing effects are still in full swing for this special sound healing session. With the full moon in Libra, the astrological sign of balance and harmony, it’s a particularly powerful time to gather energy for healing kidneys, bladder, the urinary tract, veins, and skin. These areas of the body correspond to the second chakra, the center for all relationships, including our relationship to our soul.

Tibetan Tone Sound Healing is a traditional Tibetan form of vibrational healing using handmade metal alloy bowls that, when placed on and around the body, deliver sound waves directly into the body that penetrate to the deepest level. Muscle tension fades, fascia unwinds, lymph and blood flow are restored, and the mind is cleared of anxiety producing thought patterns. Certain bowls are vibrated on or near acupuncture points and chakras to clear and balance these systems as well.

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