Our Facilitators

Each of us is honored to grow and learn with you.


dr. emily anne mcdonald, md

Emily is the founder of Chrysalis Holistic Healing. She is a graduate of SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and Swarthmore College. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals, presented at academic conferences, managed a non-profit medical clinic for individuals without health insurance, organized large scale interdisciplinary events, delivered more than 100 newborns, cared for thousands of patients through the hospital system, and most recently, opened Chrysalis - a space to integrate her many passions in services of all other beings.

Blending her traditional medical training with plant medicine, astrology, and yoga. Her offerings are geared towards an understanding of energy, or vibrational, medicine and how it relates to the current medical paradigm. She shares skills for energetic balancing and tools for reprogramming patterned thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. She is particularly interested in sharing ways that individuals might overcome challenges of human development in order to reach new evolutionary potential. In addition to teaching, she also offers private consultations for anyone interested in exploring new avenues for health and healing.

torie cande

As a student of life Torie’s healing work was born out of and is constantly informed by her own healing needs. Everything she’s learned or studied has been something she needed to heal her own body and spirit. Torie’s healing style is a celebration of life it is the embodiment of right relationship and it’s a never ender recommitment to self and the entirety of this universe as a being who is here to be of benefit to society and the natural world.

Her path has been informed by working with the animal, plant, fungi and mineral kingdoms as spiritual sentient beings; respecting and communicating with them as the multidimensional beings she has found them to be. With a deep reverence for the cycles of the natural world, Torie works with astrology as a map to deepen in the changing seasons of one's life; as above so below. As a channel Torie works with individuals to receive guidance and support from the unseen realms, and with the Reiki energy to facilitate wholeness.

rebekah smith, ba

Rebekah’s goal is to create a new mindset around what yoga is and who yoga is for, as well as to introduce Yoga Therapy as a tool for my community. She became a 200-hour Kula yoga teacher in 2016 and started teaching right after at three different studios her on the North Fork of Long Island. She soon after started working with clients one-on-one, and at a private elementary school teaching yoga and mindfulness. This sparked her interest in creating classes focused on an individual’s or group’s specific needs. From this idea and some exploration she found KIYT (Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy). In February 2019 she became certified as a 300-hour Advanced Teacher of Yoga Therapy. She will continue furthering her education until she reaches 800-hours and becomes a 1,000-hour yoga teacher. Her vision is that yoga will be accessible to all people and know no boundaries.

rhonda enea

Rhonda Enea is a Qigong teacher and energy healer under the tutelage of Master Chunyi Lin. Qigong (pronounced “chee-Gong”) means energy (Qi) and work (Gong). It has been practiced for more than 5,000 years in China using life force energy, qi, to cultivate optimal health and expanded consciousness. Qigong helps the body release energy blocks and increase life force energy, thereby promoting greater vitality, happiness and fulfillment in life. By quieting our thoughts, focusing on our breath, and visualizing energy flow, our bodies, minds and spirits are refreshed. O ther areas of Rhonda’s expertise include meditation instruction, guided by her intuitive energies and Law of Attraction life coaching, certified by Bob Doyle of “The Secret”.

anne pawlowski, ba

Anne began down this path in 2011 when her friend and former boss experienced an unthinkable tragedy. Witnessing that changed her. It sent her on a personal journey of self-discovery and a quest to make sense of the world. She read lots of books on self-help, spirituality, and the afterlife. She attended seminars and spoke with healers, mediums, and therapists. She reached a point where she could make more sense of the tragedy, on a higher level. She was also at a place where she could begin to look at her own life in a different light, and work on her own personal challenges. She works collaboratively, helping to identify what others need and what might be holding them back from living their ideal life.

Her life coaching training is based on the Law of Attraction (LOA). LOA coaches differ from traditional life coaches in that they have a stronger focus on the profound effect your thoughts and feelings have on your life experience. She can help you understand what you want, and assist you in making plans to achieve those goals. By working together collaboratively, you can identify what you need and what might be holding you back from living your ideal life.

jess kelleher, ms

Jess is a mother of 3 boys, 2 dogs, 30 chickens, 1 gecko and a husband (hehe). She earned a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University and a Masters in Early Childhood General and Special Education from Hunter College. She has professional experience as a behavior therapist and currently works as a certified yoga instructor for adults and children. Jess always had a strong foundation in holistic living but her journey shifted at the onset of motherhood. Armed with a her own strong history in anxiety and hypochondriasis, Jess felt helpless when her son got sick for the first time with a simple cold that landed him in the hospital with breathing difficulties. Though the advice of the doctors was to continue to use steroids for every repeated attack, she knew something just wasn't right.

Fast forward 8 years and two more children, Jess now has the confidence and peace of mind to care for her family almost 100% naturally at home when illness hits. Jess uses a variety of tools at home ranging from herbal and homeopathic remedies, to yoga and mindfulness. Jess believes that the power of a mother's instinct is undeniably one of the strongest powers on this planet and her goal is to help other mothers and caregivers tap into that instinct. While she is bursting with passions to share with the world, she also wants to learn from those around her and believes that we need to come together as a community to find our greatest potential!