Beading Prayers 12/15

Beading Prayers 12/15


December 15, 2018 4:30-7:30p

Learn the art of beading on buckskin! In this 3 hour class, Courtney Lee Hall will guide you in the meditative craft of making traditional deer hide medicine pouches, where each stitch is a prayer. Courtney will discuss the importance of this practice, the medicine of the Deer, and several ways you may utilize this pouch. Take the time this holiday season to unwind, and channel energy out of your head and into your hands. You will go home with your very own pouch and an extremely calm center. Tea provided.

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About Materials: Please note, the buckskin is from a roadkill deer, and has been hand brain-tanned with ceremony and gratitude.

About Facilitator: Courtney Lee Hall spent 2 years studying with a Cherokee native in Northern California, where she completed a traditional vision quest and sweat lodge training.  This transformational and intense journey of healing through earth medicine has remained with her ever since, and she feels honored to share these teachings.