Rebekah smith, yoga therapy


About rebekah


Rebekah’s goal is to create a new mindset around what yoga is and who yoga is for, as well as to introduce Yoga Therapy as a tool for my community. She became a 200-hour Kula yoga teacher in 2016 and started teaching right after at three different studios her on the North Fork of Long Island. She soon after started working with clients one-on-one, and at a private elementary school teaching yoga and mindfulness. This sparked her interest in creating classes focused on an individual’s or group’s specific needs. From this idea and some exploration she found KIYT (Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy). In February 2019 she became certified as a 300-hour Advanced Teacher of Yoga Therapy. She will continue furthering her education until she reaches 800-hours and becomes a 1,000-hour yoga teacher. Her vision is that yoga will be accessible to all people and know no boundaries.

about yoga therapy

Very simply put, Yoga Therapy is a specialized therapeutic practice that is created for a client or small groups needs. The yoga therapist (me) uses the tools of yoga (movement, breath, meditation, mantra, and yoga nidra) to assist in bringing balance back into the client’s life. The yoga therapist and the client(s) work as a team to create goals. We come up with ways in which the client(s) can bring these yoga tools off of the mat into their everyday routines. A beautiful thing about Yoga Therapy is that it is for everyone! My job is to make the experience welcoming, safe, inspiring, and as accessible as possible.

How long are sessions?: The first session together will run about an hour and a half. After the first session we will meet for about an hour.

Where would we meet?: I work with clients in their homes, or at Chrysalis.

What are some imbalances a Yoga Therapist might help with?: To just list a few; chronic low back pain, knee or hip pain, anxiety, depression, or stress.