torie cande, Energy healing


About torie


As a student of life Torie’s healing work was born out of and is constantly informed by her own healing needs. Everything she’s learned or studied has been something she needed to heal her own body and spirit. Torie’s healing style is a celebration of life it is the embodiment of right relationship and it’s a never ender recommitment to self and the entirety of this universe as a being who is here to be of benefit to society and the natural world. Her path has been informed by working with the animal, plant, fungi and mineral kingdoms as spiritual sentient beings; respecting and communicating with them as the multidimensional beings she has found them to be. With a deep reverence for the cycles of the natural world, Torie works with astrology as a map to deepen in the changing seasons of one's life; as above so below. As a channel Torie works with individuals to receive guidance and support from the unseen realms, and with the Reiki energy to facilitate wholeness. Torie is available for private sessions guided by Reiki with shamanic work if it is called for, flower, gem and other vibrational medicines are often recommended as supporting and continuing therapies. Ceremonially she works individually with ritual and alter work. Blessings of all kinds for mother’s, babies, new homes, jobs, etc. She works energetically to clear any energies not being of service and uses ritual and intention setting along with support in the unseen realms to carry out ones best and highest good in all new or ending endeavors. Each session and each ceremony is unique and takes a new form with every intention each individual brings into the space. The foundation of all Torie’s work is that you heal yourself not me. As a healer she holds space free of judgment and measures so one can be free to simply be who they are where they are at; total acceptance. This space is wrapped in love so whatever is met it is met with true unconditional love. As a healer, my job is to create a space to support you and your healing with your individual guidance at the helm. With love in darkness may you always know your way.